Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Onsen is an amazing family orientated resort with a tight-nit Japanese community and a handful of foreign investors. It is pushing to be a year round resort and is one of the most forward thinking local operations in the whole of japan. Nozawa is notoriously hard to attain property as many option are sold between locals.

Is Nozawa still viable?

If you are set on investing in Nozawa it could take years to find the right place but there is no doubt once the right investment is found you will be solvent quicker than any other resort in the country. If you are not keen on waiting for property we recommend investing in Togari Onsen which is a nearby ski resort 20 mins away which has a large number of available homes at much cheaper prices.

Togari Onsen

Togari onsen is a small resort area and is an example of what Nozawa was like before the foreign guest influx boom. It is possible to transfer guests between the two resorts in 20 mins and enjoys all of the features of Nozawa for a fraction of the price. This area is not popular with foreign guests but has the potential to work as alternate accomodation for Nozawa Onsen  as the village is normally booked out well in advance each year during peak periods.

Iiyama City Real Estate Information

Iiyama city has a number of high quality resorts that are accessible by public transport and has a newly opened shinkansen station. Iiyama is one of the easiest transfers to ski based accomodation from either of Tokyo’s airports. Guests can easily travel to Madarao, Nozawa Onsen, Togari Onsen, Shiga Kogen, Ryuoo and Mt. Kosha via public transport. Unlike Nagano City, the town still is cheap and has many options close to both the Shinkansen and local train stations. The Iiyama government are investing in young Japanese people to move to the city and has the largest growth potential for larger scale accomodation.

Japan Mountain Homes

Japan is a great place to invest if you are looking to take advantage of the rapidly expanding tourist market. Large amount of government money is being spent on tourism. Combined with the 2018 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Tokyo Olympics – Japans tourism industry is set to explode

Business expansion in area related to inbound tourism

  • Relaxation of visa requirements (Starting from July 2013)
  • Expansion of exemption of consumption tax for foreign tourists to cover consumables (May 2016)
  • 2020 Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games

If you would like to know more please fill out our questionnaire to start the process on finding your investment. Japan Mountain homes can only provide bilingual consulting services and property management for Myoko Kogen. For Hakuba real estate and Niseko real estate, Nozawa, MadaraoShiga Kogen we rely on third parties for the bulk of property management services.