Japan Real Estate – Property Management

Japan Property Management – Pension/Lodge/Hotels

Due to the new laws introduced in 2018, Japan Mountain Homes have partnered with a certified Japanese property management company to handle post sale management.  We will work together to provide setup of utilities and bank accounts, initial and ongoing logistical support(arrange linen, cleaners, food/alcohol supply, snow clearing etc.), bill management, financial reporting & emergency support. We will not provide guest service support to large accomodation and it is up to the owner to manage the day to day operations or find their own staff to carry out regular tasks that do not require bilingual assistance.

How our Management Process works:

  1. Once the property has been acquired the house has to be furnished by the owner. We will provide a list which includes a set of appliances, bedding options and other misc. items that we feel should be standard for all guests who stay at our managed properties. The final decision is always up to the owner but they must take into account fire and safety regulations when purchasing rugs, curtains etc.
  2. The property will have to be registered for pension, food ad beverage licenses. We provide flat rate charges to have these arranged based on the size of the job.
  3. Once the house is ready for rental, We require a “set up” fee to start the Management process based on the size of the building. This will include creating a “property manual”, commissioning a professional photographer and assisting with listing the property on Airbnb/Bookings.com
  4. We will then carry out management as per a customised property management service agreement.

Japan Property Management – Airbnb

Due to the new airbnb laws, each property must be registered to be listed on such sites as airbnb.

We manage airbnb guest interaction before/during the stay (including support for any house-related emergencies) and arrange car hire as standard. We will also provide resources for airbnb guests to get discounts on lift tickets, rental gear and also recommendations on dining and tourism options. Leveraging local operators is at the core of our business values and we will always pass on any discounts directly to the guests. Once a month, a staff member will perform a walkthrough to check for any damage or issues with the property. In winter a staff member will perform a check before each airbnb guest arrival.

All of the above services are managed by our bilingual staff as we like to maintain a standard level of quality service in the most important aspects of the guest experience. Our costing for the above service is a percentage of the total booking as a flat rate. We require a minimum per month for each property (case by case) and in the busy season this will be collected via property management returns. If the property is not to be run as an investment, a monthly charge will apply and odd jobs will be billed at ¥5000p/h. For any friends or family who stay for free, we will set a daily rate to provide the same support as if they were an airbnb guest.

Cleaning & Snow Clearing costs

We leverage local companies and bill you directly to save in costly international transaction fees. At the current rates, you can expect to pay ¥3500++p/h for cleaning, approx ¥10000++ p/h for roof snow clearing and ¥5000++ for ground snow clearing.

Ongoing Maintenance & Repairs

For any ongoing maintenance we liaise with contractors to quote and carry out required work. We bill you directly from our company so our contractors are guaranteed to be paid on time and for ease of payment and accounting for our guests. Our commission is built into quotations.

Using our regular tradesmen means that the job will be attended to quickly and you won’t be gouged in an emergency. We charge a ¥5,000 p/h for any odd jobs or emergency support that is not guest related and charge a 20% commission for all renovation/repair work carried out up to ¥150,000. If a quotation is rejected by the client we will bill the client at an hourly rate for our time.

We do not guarantee 24/7 support for any non guest related matter but will endeavour to be available as soon as possible for any emergency. We are flexible to help with other requests as needed, our standard hourly rate of ¥5500p/h will be charged. We are a small but proffessional team and if it is a task we are not confident of doing ourselves we have a long list of professionals who we partner with who can manage the task.